'Buzz' - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

The production is off-chops, the storyline is whacky fantastic and the song, of course, is a ripper.  - Tom Cameron, Happy Mag

'Our Place' - Verge Collection

John McGovarin has come up with a video for 'Our Place' that's as charming as the song itself. - Dom Alessio, Home & Hosed (Triple J / ABC)

'Get On Board' - Foam

Nominated for 2016 WAM Award for People's Choice Best Music Video.

'Outta Words' - Pat Chow

The band have outdone themselves as the audio and visual components perfectly meld together in a warming soup of truth. - Sam Dawes, Happy Mag

'Bad Thoughts' - Pat Chow

It's one of the year's best clips we've seen come out of WA. - Pile Rats